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By Blazze913

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Blazze913 About

Blazze Dat Dotte Boi formerly of No Leaks has now taken off to an all new level. Some may remember him from the DDB hits, "Seasons", "She's Hot", "Remember Me", and "Star" which are all still popular headbangers on the KC/KCK club scene. But, now Blazze is out here making a name for himself as a solo artist with a little twist... In January of 2012 the fellas of DDB decided to take a break and focus on life at home and individual projects, this left Blazze to handle all aspects of the group alone. Well, in April of 2011 he was asked to join the every growing popular family of No Leaks, of whom had been scouting him out while Blazze was with DDB. He brought to No Leaks a raw sound of vocals and rap skills that has yet to be reckoned with. With No Leaks , Blazze has had the opportunity of opening for headliners such as Stevie Stone (Strange Muzik), Ruka Puff (Universal) and a host of other major artists. Touring over 10 states and 50 cities in his career. In 2014 Blazze is now with Lay It Down Entertainment LLC as an independent solo artist in which provides him the chance to still shine as a solo artist. Also Blazze has teamed up with the Lay It Down CEO Mista Siccs and they formed the infamous duo Blazze n Siccs. In 2011 Blazze became blind due to a few health issues and because of his fans he kept pushing. Feb of 2012 Blazze received surgery and gained most of his sight and is back to make the city rock once again. While Blazze was blind he started a squad called F.A.M.E for the fans meaning ( FANS ARE MY ENERGY)... Without the fans Blazze couldn't have made it and he thanks em all. Blazze is a talented singer, rapper, mc, and writer with a humble but hungry appetite to get where he needs and wants to be in this music industry. He will be dropping his album release some time this summer so stay tuned for that. We ask that you please continue to listen to the music and spread the word, and look out for DDB because they as a whole will be back hitting the airwaves soon as well.