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By Nero Dubb

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Nero Dubb About

Nero Dubb is a full-stack freelance website application developer and music artist/producer. Spent his life online providing website programming and design services for individuals and corporations all over the world. He has a real passion for website development and music. He wants to incorporate both of these branches of his talents to make his clients more successful and the world a better place. His career has been a journey of many trials and struggles, relying on self-taught knowledge of web programming and design, and search engine optimization. Competing with the ever changing world of technology and the lack of opportunities in his chosen field he has set out to change the world. You see Nero Dubb sees net neutrality as a space where anyone can have a piece of this here internet space. However just by using many of the platforms online he saw a flaw. To many limitations for the average person to be able to make a living from there creative content. For most platforms Nero Dubb saw that they required an extreme amount of followers and subscribers to get paid for their creative work. Nero Dubb is just giving everyone an opportunity to grow and be apart of a growing platform. He wants to give you your own piece of the internet, and asset that will stay with you for a life-time. That can be passed down from generation to generation.